0:02 Dr. Grover Lee: "Every year you come here, there's something new. Every year. Yeah we're building a whole brand new winery with a cave that's about 130 feet deep into the hill."

0:12 "I only make about 30 different wines. I know if you don't know a lot about wineries, most wineries have 2, 3, 4 wines that they make. I like wine! So I make 30 different wines. And um, we're planting a lot of grapes, which is great."

0:29 "And there's probably a reason why we were awarded the #1 winery in California, California State Fair. The oldest wine competition in the United States. There's a reason why the San Francisco Wine Competition, the largest wine competition in North America, we were #1 winery with single varietal wines awards. The most awards of any winery in all of North America. I don't know too many wineries that can say that. There's a reason. All you have to do is come to the tour and find out!"

1:01 "Wine is not complicated. To make good wine, there's certain things you have to do and most people aren't willing to do that. I just want to make good wine so I do it. That's basically uh, the all about our wine, why we have so many awards, is because I just take the time to make good wine."

1:18 "I do a wine tour every Saturday and Sunday at 12 noon. If you want to know a lot about wine in one hour, it's not difficult. By the way, we have a full restaurant with real chefs. That means filet mignon, rack of lamb, duck breast, everything that you would expect in a fine restaurant. We have that too.

1:39 "We have uh, 5 of our wines that we do tastings on. I like to have a varietal always so we have a white, uh one of our rosés if that's not sold out, a light red, a little darker red and uh, there's reasons why you would want to have a varietal of wines and I always like to, to give people a little rundown on how to properly taste wine when they do wine tasting. It's so fun. Just ask me, I'm always here. 7 days a week I don't have a life, this is it! (laughs)"

2:07 Wine is easy. I tell you what, come to Wise Villa Winery and uh, we'll have a little quick conversation about how easy wine really is.

2:18 Dr. Grover Lee: Be Smart. Drink Wise.

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